Tuesday 16 July 2024

5:00pm - 6:30pm Welcome Drinks (optional extra) Sponsored by Graymont Logo Large.png
7:00pm onwards Pre-Conference (optional extra at own expense)  


Wednesday 17 July 2024 

8:00am - 8.30am Breakfast at All Seasons  Sponsored by PTN Logo - 10 year-01.png
8:45am - 9.00am Conference Opening & Welcome  
Session 1: The Grazing Trifecta - Fertiliser, pasture species and grazing management decisions 
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9:00am - 9.30am Animal performance meat or wool on improved ryegrass cultivars vs old varieties – there is a step change in productivity at very little cost Andrew Spiers, Meridian and Kym Lyons 
9:30am - 10.00am N Efficiency and Endophtyes  Martin Harmer, DLF
10:00am - 10.30am Introduction to fertiliser calculator tool  Jim Shovelton, Meridian 
10:30am - 10.40am Q&A  
10:40am - 11.00am Morning Tea  

Session 2: What does Carbon actually mean for your business?

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11:00am - 11.30am Carbon neutral livestock production - is it possible? Professor Richard Eckard, The University of Melbourne 
11:30am - 12.00pm Soil carbon and fertility Dr Mel Fraser, Soil Function Consulting
12:00pm - 12.30pm Carbon - An informed farmers perspective  Fiona Conroy, Nicon Rural
12:30pm - 12.40pm Q&A  
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Bus Tours (including lunch) 

1. Glenroy Farming. Bridgewater North, Highly productive dual crop production, dryland and irrigated prime lamb

2. Fucheng. Sutton Grange, Cattle breeding, lamb production from perennial pastures. Drone and Optiweigh demonstration

7:00pm - 10.00pm Conference Dinner at All Seasons and Mac Troup Oration
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Professor Bill Malcolm, The University of Melbourne 


Thursday 18 July 2024

7:30am - 8.00am Breakfast at All Seasons   
8:00am - 8.30am GSSA Future Discussion  
8:30am - 8.45am GSSA AGM  
Session 3: Pasture AgTech
9:00am - 9.20am Tools for pasture forecasting  Nathanial Modra, Pinion Advisory
9:20am - 9.40am Paddock weighing overview Bill Mitchell, Optiweigh
9:40am - 10.00am Snail and slug management - better pasture establishment  Dr Michael Nash, What Bugs You
10:00am - 10.20am Facial recognition Mark Ferguson, NeXtgen Agri
10:20am - 10.30am Q&A  
10:30am - 11.00am Morning Tea
Session 4: Deep Dive into the Bus Tours 
11:00am - 11.25am Glenroy Farming. Bridgewater North (Bus tour 1) What drives the system? Kieran Ransom, Consultant Bendigo
11:25am - 11.50am Drones in agriculture Dean Bull, On Point Drones 
11:50am - 12.15pm Fucheng, Sutton Grange (Bus tour 2) What drives the system? Jackson Davis, Nutrien Bendigo
12.15pm - 12.30pm Q&A  
12:30pm -1.30pm Lunch
Session 5: Interactive Workshops (rotation through each at 30 minutes each)
1:30pm - 3:15pm

Measuring & knowing your soil carbon levels


Old clover identification and sub optimal nodulation



Setting up for perennial pasture success

Dr Mel Fraser, Soil Function Consulting 

David Woodard PIRSA, Lisa Miller SFS, Tim Prance T Prance Rural Consulting

Discussion Panel led by Lisa Warn, Kym Lyons

3:15pm - 3.30pm Conference close

Please note: Program is subject to change